Monday, October 02, 2006

weekend crafty fun

What is this you ask? An in-process shot of some chair cushions I've been meaning to make for say, I don't know, a year now? Last year I got some red-stained wooden chairs from Ikea, cheap and cute but a bit hard on the bottom for extended stays. I also had gotten some chair pads to go with, but they needed some sort of pretty/fun cover. I had toyed with the idea of making felted covers, but as summer rolled around and the thought of scratchy wool and bare legs together - plus the time and effort of four chairs - not going to happen. I had a bit of time this weekend and found the box with the vintage 50's curtains - voila!

Here is a picture of the end result. A pretty basic pattern I made up with the fabric overlapping on the bottom, in order to keep the cushions washable. An elegant eater I am not. The biggest pain was making the matching ties, but I was able to mooch off of the curtain hemming to get me halfway there.


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