Thursday, October 12, 2006

booties for babies

My friend Tomoko, whose blog inspired me to start my own, posted some baby booties that she made from this excellent pattern posted by Heather Bailey. Having a whole pile of babies showing up this fall to friends and family, I thought I would make some booties myself. These are hat and bootie combos for my cousins so their bundles of joy have something fun to wear coming home from the hospital. The booties were so fun to make and so cute -- that I made an addditional pair of the light blue ones for myself, because I couldn't bear to give them away. The hat pattern is pattern #26 from Yankee Knitter Designs, specifically the roll striped watch cap. The red and turquoise cap is knitted with Mission Falls cotton yarn, and the blue and green hat was knitted with Valley Yarns LongMeadow from Webs. I tend to use the pattern as a starting point for sizing and knit the caps in the round instead of flat as the pattern calls out for. I also make a couple of I-cord loops to put on the top - one of each color stripe.


happy fall! It's pretty beautiful out here in the pioneer valley.


Blogger tomoko said...

Booties and hats! They make me want to have two inch feet and a tiny head. Lucky babies...

1:03 AM  

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