Friday, July 11, 2008

charity 62 mile bike ride for me & Webs raffle for you

charity 62 mile bike ride for me & Webs raffle for you

I'm finally committing and signing up for a 62 mile ride to benefit Emmaus Inc. is a non-profit corporation that provides housing and helps out homeless adults and families in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

I love biking but I've never really done a ride this long before. I've been lucky this year to have nearby friends and upstairs neighbors who road bike and convinced me that I can do this by the end of the month. So I've joined my friend's team - the "pink yellows" - and will be riding on the 27th of July. That's soon!

To raise some money for this good cause, I'm offering to raffle off a $100 gift certificate to Webs from some of the store credit I earn by knitting samples for them. For every $5 you donate to Emmaus, you will receive one ticket. So, for example, a $25 donation gets you 5 tickets in the raffle.

Donate for the ride here:

And then email me at yarnbeeATgmailDOTcom to let me know how many tickets you purchased. I will hold the drawing on July 31st. Email me with any questions as well.



Blogger Gudrun Johnston said...

The link for donating doesn't seem to work?

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Nira said...

You write very well.

5:27 PM  

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