Monday, October 16, 2006

noro fabulousness for scarves

I heart Noro. I heart Noro yarn a lot. Least there be any doubt in the matter. I love the unexpected yet excellent color combinations and the transitions from color to color. Over here in New England - this is no tropical climate folks - and thus people seem to gravitate to black, and grey, maybe brown or blue, maybe. Bright colors seem shocking out here, but sometimes I like to push back with some Noro. Me and Noro painting the town colbalt blue and fushia pink. oh yeah.

Here are some gift scarves going out this fall. I try to spread the gift love around a bit - to allieviate the Christmas gift-giving stress. I have a little gift drawer (I'm not telling you where!) and I try to knit small things all year to have on hand and then pass out when the time seems good.

pattern: "my so called scarf" from Sheep in the City. I can't seem to find the original link - sorry
yarn: Noro Silk Garden colorway #94
needles: 8's

pattern: my own
yarn: Noro Silk Garden colorway #50 (I think this is a discontinued color - I got it on sale at Webs)
needles: 8's and 6's (for the fringe balls)



Blogger tomoko said...

love the color of the first scarf! really, can't beat noro colors. btw i am still up after midnight. you may have cured me! xoxo

12:42 AM  
Blogger glenda said...

I am totally with you on the Noro love. Your scarves look beautiful!Here's the link to "My So-called Scarf"--I'll probably make it one day:

7:55 AM  

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