Friday, October 20, 2006

vintage finds

Lately I've been interested in finding vintage knitting patterns. I can't quite narrow down the attraction. I like the look of some of the designs, especially from the 50's and early 60's. I'm interested in checking out the construction details and the more tailored fit of the sweaters. And of course the models expressions always amuse me, plus some of the patterns are just dreadful thus amusing! Or there are just strange things about. Like in this cover of Spinnerin circa 1969. What are the models looking at? Why are there 6 bottle of Coca Cola on the table with four of them deliberately placed with the logo facing us? Why is the man holding a few more dangling just out of the water so we can see the logo? Are they that thirsty? Is Coke paying them money for advertising? Why are they sitting in the lake? If they are so warm they need to drink glasses of coke and sit in the lake why are they wearing wool sweaters? The mind boggles with questions!

Sometimes you find something interesting. I think this embroidered sweater would be fun jumping off point for a new design. Just that whole problem of too many ideas and not enough time...


Blogger tomoko said...

Your quetions crack me up. But really, the cover barely makes sense. On the other hand, that cardigan is so very lovely. I wouldn't mind getting caught being girly in that! Hope you are having a nice Sunday.

12:06 PM  

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