Thursday, December 28, 2006

retro ornaments and plants!

One last Christmas post, since I can't resist. While visiting my family in Michigan we went to the Chrysler museum to visit the cars. An added bonus at the museum was a temporary exhibit of Christmas trees from the 20's through the 90's. They must have had a lot of fun finding all of the vintage ornaments. Here are a few pictures of my favorites:

1930's ornament

1950's bubbling ornament

1950's ornament

1950's starbursts

And we even got to go to the Conservatory on Belle Isle - which is a tiny island in the Detroit River. The whole place is a public park for all of Detroit, but my favorite place on the island is the where they keep the exotic plants. While it does have a fabulous orchid collection, I'm always drawn to the succulents. They have a small but nice collection and I managed to get a few good shots:


bear claws

spiral succulents

Plus they have some other nice plants...

red tipped flower

red flower

red berries


Hopefully photos of knitting tomorrow...

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