Wednesday, November 29, 2006

some things finished, some things still in progress...

It's another grey and gloomy day here in western mass, but since the forecast varies between rain and overcast gloom for the foreseeable future, I tried to take some photos of various projects for your enjoyment. Please excuse any washed out colors - try to put your tropical glasses on and imagine things to be brighter and more cheery.

Here are some shots of the block printed cards. I'm really happy with the design this year, as well as the quality of the prints. For each card the linoleum block is rolled with ink, the card place on top and then is lovingly jumped up and down on by yours truly. It's great fun and the best exercise I get! If you're interested in purchasing any do send me an email: cherylatbusybeeppdotcom

I also whipped up a batch of paper quilted cards. I have a large pile of beautiful paper scraps from making books, and once in a while I pull them all out with my sewing machine and make tiny paper strip quilts and log cabin quilts to attach to cards. I like to leave the threads dangling and the angles kind of wonky. Here are some of these babies:

And yes I'm still knitting. One secret project that you can see after Christmas, and one "public" project. I've been wanting to knit the Shedir cap from Knitty so I pulled some Rowan DK Soft out of the dwindling stash to use. It's very soft ( as advertised!) and a nice cinnamon color so I think it will be a nice hat. I'd like to try another yarn as well, one that might show the cables a little crisper.


Anonymous alicia said...

Cheryl, I am loving reading your blog. Your creative prowress and productivity astound me! I appreciate too your random stories. No one tells a story like you! I'm glad Syd and Mr. Yarnbee have made appearances too. Please keep the posts coming!

Lovely cards! Can we please have picture of the jumping portion of the process?

11:23 AM  
Blogger tomoko said...

'm loving your cards!!! hoping they will still be available at the craft fair!

4:44 PM  
Blogger cheryl said...

Thanks for the comments! I'll try to get Mr. Yarnbee to take some photos of me jumping up and down on the linoleum block - its very amusing I assure you. Tomoko - there will be lots of cards for the craft fair - maybe we can work out a swap

11:29 PM  

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