Monday, November 20, 2006

still only secret knitting

for Christmas here at the yarn bee, so I'll have to spin a tale instead. The other night Elliott and I were waiting in line at our new found quick and tasty Mexican restaurant. They kind of place where you wait in line, order either tasty burritos, quesadillas or tacos, visit the fun salsa bar, and grab a table for a casual bite-to-eat or your bag to go. Bueno! We were in line weighting the various yummy options when a huge firefighter strides up past us in his overalls. This guy is huge, not fat, all brawn - we'll call him "doublewide". Then I notice the double parked firetruck with flashing lights outside. Then all sorts of guys stream in, other firefighters and police men, some with axes and crowbars. Doublewide comes back out to the truck to get an axe. Now we are closer to the front of the line and can see that they are trying to pry open the bathroom door. Yikes! Meanwhile people are quietly ordering and eating burritos not seeming to notice the new fun. Elliott and I speculate what might be happening in the bathroom - from one worst-case senerio to another. I'm not sure I want to see what happens when they get in there. Then the crew gets the door over - without having to axe it down and a tiny boy come out to be joyfully reunited with his parents. Hooray! Doublewide and the other firemen file out and get back on the truck. People continue eating burritos. As the family leaves the little boy says "look Firemen! they were really here for me?" And we get our quesadillas, and the firemen head out to resuce someone else.


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