Monday, October 30, 2006

answering the call of the spinning siren

For a while now I've been lurking at various blogs as knitters discover spinning. I suspect it's a serious addiction just like anything else, catalog shopping, ice cream, crack cocaine. You go to a fiber festival where they hand out roving for free, like cotton candy, and offer to show you how to use a drop spindle to make a little yarn. It's fun! It's easy and everyone is doing it. Before you know it you've shelled out for a beautiful spinning wheel and your own flock of sheep. And the worst of it is - I know I would love it. Or perhaps I need to say I knew I would love it, because I'm the giddy owner of this little drop spindle from Journey Wheel, that I got at the Franklin County Fiber Twist festival. I blame the rain people, it made us stay indoors with all of those vendors...

Have I mentioned that I can make YARN? ME! right here people, I'm making yarn. See it there on the spindle! Yarn! Well at least something that passes for yarn. We're working on that, it's just like when you started knitting all over again, not knowing how to hold anything, getting it for a second and then having things fall off the needle or having the spindle spin the wrong way and unmake your yarn. But I can tell I'm going to like it and with some practice I can probably make some passable yarn that not only her mommy would want to knit. Plus you get to buy roving - carded wool - isn't it dreamy looking!


Blogger tomoko said...

that, my friend, is a beautiful spindle!
keep on spinning...
crack cocaine... you cracked me up!

5:25 PM  

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