Wednesday, October 25, 2006

sock needs mate

Why is it sometimes when you knit a sock the first one flies off the needles? You just start and suddenly you're ready to turn the heel and then you're on the homestretch. Done. Finito. And then the dreaded second sock syndrome (SSS) kicks in. And I always deny it and bravely cast on, and then the sock never grows at the same rate with such speed and ease. I mean I guess I already figured out the pattern and the heel and I'm bored, flirting with hats and alpacas and spinning, anything but the SOCK, the dreaded boring sock. This sock needs a mate and the mate is only half done, I'm just about to turn the heel, (yawn). She'll have to get going though, I think I'm going to give this pair to my sister for Christmas... Unless I just give her one.. And give her the other for her birthday - which is only a few days later!

Sock specs:
Pattern: Hedra from Knitty (great pattern - easy to understand!)
Yarn: Lang Jawoll Superwash color 198 green
Needles: #1's dpns


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