Friday, November 17, 2006

we interupt this regularly scheduled broadcast of knitting progress...

to introduce Syd and Tomoko. Well at any rate, Tomoko's finger with a tiny sculpture of Syd the bird, that she made. Are you seeing how tiny and cute that bird is! Tomoko is an amazing crafter with a high attention to detail. She is also a wonderful and fun friend and the best craft buddy you can imagine. And even better than that, she enjoys birds, especially parrots, as much as I do, hence her rendition of Syd the cockatiel.

Syd is the curmudgeonly, middle-aged saucy bird that lives at chez yarn bee. His interests include wolf whistling and playing a vocal version of simon says. He strangely adores small fabric items like potholders, dishclothes, socks, and towels - go figure - a bird with a fabric fetish.

Here he is with one of his latch hook potholders.

And here he is with his "girlfriend", a plumpy stuffed bird that whistles when you squeeze her bottom. Keep in mind here this is a 5-year old relationship. When Syd gets a glimpse of her his puts on his best Al Green posture and sings a song to her I like to call "variations on a wolf whistle in D major"

Tomoko made a TINY version of Syd as an accessory for her new series of "po"s. Po's are the cutest things ever - even cuter than Syd maybe. Check them out at her Etsy store as well as her other great creations on her blog.


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