Wednesday, November 22, 2006

making ingredients

It's all about the making here at yarn bee. I generally refer to this time of year as the "elven workshop". Even though I usually decide that I'm not going to make that much stuff this year, somehow things have a way of creeping on the list.

Here is the start of the blockprint for this year's card. I blathered a bunch about my inentions and plans for blockprinted cards in this post. My plan is to finish the block today, and print cards on Friday. I'll probably print some of last years as well for a craft fair I'll be participating in early December. If you're interested in purchasing any of these cards, please send me an email at cherylatbusybeeppdotcom. They come in various lovely colors on acid-free paper.

And here are some more ingredients I making - some handmade bergamot-scented paper to make cool car air fresheners outta. I think this is going well - time will tell, I suppose. It's certainly fun to make paper pulp in your kitchen.

Everyone have a lovely and restful Thanksgiving!


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