Monday, December 11, 2006

syd has a secret admirer

On Saturday Syd the cockatiel got this package in the mail. (Please note that the parrot got the first gift of the season in the mail, not us, the bird.) I helped him open it up and lo and behold in the box was a brand new lady-friend!

Note that matching mohawk she sports.Isn't she an attractive lady? Well, Syd certainly thought so. Here is a terrible photo of their introduction...

Syd was immediately smitten, especially with the fact that if you squeeze her bottom she chirps. An irresistable feature in girlfriends, let me tell you. Syd started wolf-whistling and flirting with her. Here is another terrible photo of their courtship.

Syd can be a bit camera shy, so it can be hard get some quality images. At any rate he has a serious crush, so thank you, thank you, secret admirer!


Blogger Susannah said...

Well, good, maybe he'll stop stalking my silk scrunchie. It was thinking about a restraining order.

7:13 PM  

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