Sunday, January 07, 2007

never ending yarn and resident cat

Not a huge amount of knitting going on right at the moment as I'm battling with an annoying cold. But some progress is being made on projects that don't require much brain power. Which would be either working on mates for two different socks - but why do that when I can start a new project? Which brings us to the baby raglan cardigan. Ages ago - no really, like 4 years ago - I knit a baby sweater for a friend's first baby (she's on her third baby now!). Made a sweater in the 3-6 month size. Somehow tons of yarn left over. Made another baby sweater out of the same yarn pile. Still lots of yarn left. I'm a bit tired of the yarn but feel committed to using it up. That plus I've been wanting to try making a raglan sweater, so I guesstimated how much yarn I might have and have been knitting along with Ann Budd's Handy book of sweater patterns to guide me along in making a sweater that will fit a 1-2 year old. I'm almost at the top and you know what - still a decent amount of yarn remains! ugh!

baby striped raglan cardigan -- in progress

Here's what it looked like on Saturday, outside in the freakishly 70 degree warm weather, january in new england! Your basic striped cardigan, sleeves knit in the round, body knit back and forth, joined together and knit back and forth. The edging is seed stitch, and I'm thinking that I'll sew ribbon onto the backsides of the buttonbands to class it up a bit and maybe add a felt squirrel to one side for fun.

raglan cardigan stripe detail

Here you can see the raglan decreases and the fun way that the stripes are matching up. Very satisfying indeed.

cena portrait

It occurs to me that there is one last resident at chez yarnbee who has not gotten any mention on the blog. Not for any particular reason other than she tends to be curled up somewhere sleeping when the camera is out documenting the knitting. This is Queen Cena, the calico tabby. It may seem strange that we have a small parrot and a kitty, but that is what happens when a girl and her cockatiel marry a boy and his cat. In a good twist of fate, both of these creatures seem to have no natural instincts and for the most part they seem oblivious of each other. On the off chance that they may encounter each other on the sofa in a supervised manner, Cena likes to sniff Syd and Syd will either wolf-whistle in response or scramble up my arm to get a better look at this strange non-birdlike creature.

cena in her yoga pose

Cena's main job is sleeping which causes her to be very tired for the few hours she is awake. She also practices kitty-yoga in the sun.

cena & cat toy

Cena has a number of handknitted catnip filled mice and generally looks pretty stoned after playing with them.

cena in pie

And when she is exhausted she spends time on her kitty pi bed.


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