Tuesday, February 13, 2007

big project break

I feel like I've been working on a lot of big knitting projects lately, the circles yoke sweater and e's sweater and the poetry in stitches floral sweater. Which is good and all but sometimes you just need a break and a quick fix - something that is bright and soft and colorful and knits up in an afternoon. So when my friends informed me that most of baby ella's hats looked more like yamakas on her growing head, I thought it might be time to take a break from big projects and get knitting.

ella baby hat

Here is a little spring number - just a bit bigger than her head out of Valley Yarns - Longmeadow cotton/microfiber blend and Tahki Cotton Classic. More baby goods to follow soon as more of our friends are expecting or have just delivered.


Blogger Joanna said...

Nice hat. I like the loops, and the fact that they are two makes it even better.

6:16 PM  
Blogger cheryl said...

I usually can't decide what color to make the loop out of so I make one of each!

11:16 PM  

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