Friday, January 26, 2007

the problem is revealed...

I've discovered a problem, one that I've tried not to acknowledge in the hopes that it will go away. But it doesn't. The problem you ask? The problem is that I come up with things I want to knit, especially sweaters, complicated sweaters knit on tiny toothpick needles; and discover yarn that I need to own and fondle and knit into the tiny gauge sweaters SO VERY MUCH FASTER than I can actually knit. The ratio is completely off. Yesterday I flirted with Lisette in Rowan 36 for a bit on the internet, then fell in love all over again with Rogue, ooh la la, visited other knitters stash yarn on Flickr, thought about 3 other projects and actually only knit approximately 3" of one sleeve of the seamless yoke sweater. sigh.

But in dwelling upon it more, this may not be such a horrible problem. I spend a lot of my time knitting actually also designing, modifying, and tweaking the next project(s) in my mind. And probably the more time I spend considering how I'm going to construct something and what I'm going to make it out of, makes it a better finished piece. And I can edit out the sweaters that don't make the cut, sweaters that might be fun to knit but I would never wear. Or sweaters that might be soooo dreadfully boring to knit, that I would wear and enjoy but I could get them from the store. Plus there is the BUDGET which really limits the amount of yarn I purchase. This is also a good thing. I'm much better now at buying yarn for a specific project (that I've mulled over in my head), not just because the temptress yarn skein is soft and beautiful. So I have a pretty small stash and a big pile of ideas.

tiny lined bags.jpg

Because all posts need a photo here's one of little knit bags I make out of leftover yarn in an effort to keep the stash small. Depending on the wool they might be felted. I usually line them with fabric and sew a zipper in by hand. Immediate gratification!


Blogger tomoko said...

so good to hear that your stash is kept small. "temptress" yarn skeins can easily take over our living space without us knowing...

see you on wed!

6:02 AM  
Blogger cheryl said...

I almost had a bad temptress skein moment at the WEBS after christmas sale, but luckily Elliott was with me!
Plus you never get anough to make what you want - or you buy way to much... see you Wednesday with the goods!

8:55 AM  

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