Tuesday, January 09, 2007

on the drawing board

yoke sweater sketch

Here are some sketches I did last night for a seamless yoke sweater I'd like to knit. In keeping with my new year's resolutions, this is a design I'm making up myself with some handholding from Elizabeth Zimmermann's percentage system. I'm also using up some stash yarn, a big cone of burgandy colored worsted weight wool from WEBS warehouse - mill end yarn from JCrew. I made the Kepler sweater out of it last fall, and somehow I still have a fair amount left. I'm guessing enough for 3/4 of a sweater about my size - hence the plan for a seamless yoke sweater with a fun multi-color pattern on top. I'm liking sweaters like this or this or this.

I'm thinking burgandy on the bottom with interlocking circles of robin's egg blue on stripes of lime green and bright green separated by a lighter rosier shade of the burgandy. I'm going to use lopi for the other yarn, and maybe hem the collar with alpaca or cashmere so its not so itchy.

I've never made a seamless yoke sweater so I'm excited to get started. I even swatched to make sure of the gauge! But I need some needles and I thought this might be a good project to try the circular options from KnitPicks - anyone out there ever used them?



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