Monday, January 22, 2007

mindless but fun knitting

Because it was freezing cold this weekend and I've turning into a hibernating stay at home sloth, I spent a large amount of this weekend sipping warm tea and knitting. Mindless fun knitting of the large needle variety which makes for great movie watching. I managed to knit almost the entire body of the seamless yoke sweater. I got the knit picks options circular needles I ordered in the mail last week and away we went.

seamless yoke body

If you look closely you can see a bit of waist shaping. It's rolling up at the bottom while it waits for its finishing folded hem. The color is a bit off, its so gray and dreary today, but the forecast is not promising any sunny photogenic days so these photos will have to do. The yarn is a beautiful heathered burgundy and more red than pictured. I'm liking the knit picks needles. They are perfect for this kind of yarn, pretty much like using really pointy addis turbos. I don't think I would like them for colorwork, but that's a personal opinion, I need something a bit more sticky for that like wood.

seamless yoke chart

Here a peek at the design I've been working on for the yoke.

pile of lopi and one peace fleece

And here's a pile of lopi and one peace fleece skein I've been collecting for the yoke. Hopefully I can knit the dreaded sleeves quickly and start on the pretty yoke soon. It's so satisfying to knit on big needles after several small needle projects - super speed results.



Blogger tomoko said...

love the colors and the pattern...(like always!) cannot wait to see it in person. :D

2:32 AM  

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