Thursday, January 28, 2010

spinning down the stash

I've been having a lot of fun lately spinning my way though a HUGE bag of lovely batts that I got from Spinners Hill last fall at Rhinebeck:

spinners hill label - in case I lose it

They are blend of corriedale, finn, and rambouillet wool with mohair. I'm shooting for a rustic, long-draw worsted weight yarn, but I'm trying not to over-think it too much and am just spinning and planning to ply together the first and last bobbins to even things out.

bowling with bobbins

I've been spinning a bobbin a day, and now that I only have one bobbin left it's time to start plying. I still have about a third of the batts left, so I'll be able to knit a cabled jacket or a cozy for my car. Maybe 2lbs, 2 oz was too much? I didn't want to run out...

bobbins and bobbins