Sunday, November 09, 2008

not knitting but still using color

Elliott and I spent the greater part of this past weekend painting a couple of rooms in the cottage we are renting. We will be moving in a few weeks so it will probably be rather quiet on the blog front. I'll give you the partial tour:

Here's the front side - it's a 1916 Sears kit house. A petite cape cod style with room extensions off on the side like a miniature farmhouse.

cottage-street side

And here is the back and the main entrance with the little garden:

cottage backside garden

And a view of the front yard:

cottage - front yard

An action shot of Elliott painting:

elliott painting

Both the living room and dining room were this rather drab dark beige color:

cottage - living room painting

This is much better:

cottage - dining room

cottage - living room

How much yarn can I fit inside???