Monday, October 27, 2008

still recovering from Rhinebeck + a new mitten pattern

Much of blogland has been consumed by the fun that knitters had at Rhinebeck: the wool! the sheep! the friends! the Ravelry party! the parade of knitwear in the cold weather! Ditto all that for me. I didn't take many photos but here are wonderful photos in this Flickr pool if you want to get a taste for the festival. I did get to meet some bloggers in real life like Jody from Javajem Knits:

jody and me

And I've got a colorwork mitten pattern in the latest Webs catalog...

floral brocade mittens

pattern: Floral Brocade Mittens - here is the Ravelry link
yarn: Valley Yarns Huntington light blue and chocolate
needles: 1's dpns
size: 8" hand circumference

floral brocade mittens

floral brocade mittens

Friday, October 17, 2008

cinderella can go to the Rhinebeck Ravelry ball!

wisteria finished!

because she finished her Wisteria gown! Details when I return... Have lovely weekends all! If you're going to be at Rhinebeck hopefully I'll see you at the Ravelry meetups or in the vendor stands. I'll be wearing some sort of yoked sweater :-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

small updates

I have been informed that I am seriously remiss on updating my blog - it's true! But I have good excuses like October is slipping through my fingers and we are going to be moving next month and I'm trying to finish a sweater for Rhinebeck and that sort of thing!

Okay when we last updated I had just finished the noni bag to take to my friend's wedding. Here is some evidence that I dress up once in a while:

all dressed up

Oh and my friends had their baby a wee bit early so the super small sweater I made for her actually fits! Isn't she sweet? Her parents both knit and made the cabled blanket and hat - what a lucky girl.

mabel in handknits

baby raglan sweater

This is a little striped raglan sweater I made up as I went along. The yarn is Cascade Pima Tencel which comes in wonderful colors. I used an I-cord cast on and cast off for the edgings.

And I finally finished my Ironwork socks!
ironwork socks

Only took me a year or so to make the pair. Ironwork socks by Kelp . Knit in Lang Jawoll sock yarn. Wheee!

wisteria start

And I've been obsessed with the Wisteria sweater from the Twist Collective. So obsessed that I was happy to discover a big pile of grey Classic AL in my stash that would work perfectly like they were made for each other. Currently, I have the body done and most of one sleeve. My crazy goal is to finish it for Rhinebeck this weekend which might be possible, although I wouldn't get to block it in time - maybe a quick steam blocking would do the trick.

Thanks for reading this far down! Unfortunately for the next month or so, my posts may be even more sporadic as E and I are moving a couple of towns to the east. We found a charming cottage to rent on a farm and can't pass it up. I'm excited as they will let me garden and they have a pet pig named Pinky. squeee!