Tuesday, October 14, 2008

small updates

I have been informed that I am seriously remiss on updating my blog - it's true! But I have good excuses like October is slipping through my fingers and we are going to be moving next month and I'm trying to finish a sweater for Rhinebeck and that sort of thing!

Okay when we last updated I had just finished the noni bag to take to my friend's wedding. Here is some evidence that I dress up once in a while:

all dressed up

Oh and my friends had their baby a wee bit early so the super small sweater I made for her actually fits! Isn't she sweet? Her parents both knit and made the cabled blanket and hat - what a lucky girl.

mabel in handknits

baby raglan sweater

This is a little striped raglan sweater I made up as I went along. The yarn is Cascade Pima Tencel which comes in wonderful colors. I used an I-cord cast on and cast off for the edgings.

And I finally finished my Ironwork socks!
ironwork socks

Only took me a year or so to make the pair. Ironwork socks by Kelp . Knit in Lang Jawoll sock yarn. Wheee!

wisteria start

And I've been obsessed with the Wisteria sweater from the Twist Collective. So obsessed that I was happy to discover a big pile of grey Classic AL in my stash that would work perfectly like they were made for each other. Currently, I have the body done and most of one sleeve. My crazy goal is to finish it for Rhinebeck this weekend which might be possible, although I wouldn't get to block it in time - maybe a quick steam blocking would do the trick.

Thanks for reading this far down! Unfortunately for the next month or so, my posts may be even more sporadic as E and I are moving a couple of towns to the east. We found a charming cottage to rent on a farm and can't pass it up. I'm excited as they will let me garden and they have a pet pig named Pinky. squeee!


Blogger Bonnie said...

A pet pig named Pinky? What fun! My first pet was named Pinky. She was a white rabbit with pink ears.

All your projects look great, but I must admit I am smitten with those socks. Both the design and the color.

Good luck with getting ready to move, and have fun at Rhinebeck. (I"m not going; maybe next year!)

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may not have been blogging but you're definitely knitting! That's all wonderful stuff. I can't believe your moving to place with a pig named Pinky! Hopefully we'll run into each other at Rhinebeck. :-)

9:27 PM  
Blogger mel said...

Life totally gets in the way of blogging sometimes (uh, and blog-reading! I don't think I will ever catch up) Lovely stuff you have there, that bag is a classic, and what a beautiful new baby/sweater!

Kelp's socks have been on my list for a long time... Too many great socks, too little time!!

Best of luck for an uneventful move - it sounds like a perfect situation :) I hope we'll get some pics of Pinky down the road!

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! All is great for you. Good luck moving and gardening.

Yep, you have been knitting! Great projects Cheryl!

5:53 PM  

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