Thursday, May 10, 2007

pomatomus socks finished

The socks so nice I had to knit three of them. It's true people, the perfectionist knitter strikes again. You may recall that I knit one pomatomus sock over christmas time. It was possibly the most fun sock I've knit - the pattern is brillant and the end result is stretchy and cozy. My only problem is that I didn't do a test gauge, and ended up with a pretty loose sock - a little too stretchy. So I knit the second sock on smaller needles - 2.25mm. Of course that sock turned out much better leaving me with a perfect sock and a stretchy loose slightly saggy sock. And you can see where this is headed. Yes I reknit the first sock with the smaller needles. And while I thought it would never end I'm glad I did it. Or I will be glad next fall cause it is too wonderfully warm around here to be wearing socks today. Here are some photos - please ignore the horribly ghost pale winter legs!

pomatomus socks

pomatomus sock detail.jpg


pattern: pomatomus socks by Cookie A. - free pattern from Knitty winter 05

needles: 2.25mm dpn's

yarn: unknown handpainted yarn bought two years ago on Prince Edward Island - I lost the label...

notes: This is a wonderful pattern and is my favorite pair of handknit socks to date



Blogger Liz said...

Gorgeous! And totally worth the redo. I am so with you on that :-D

9:39 PM  

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