Thursday, March 29, 2007

week of sugary goodness

Hi all! Apparently it's the week of sugary concoctions around here at the yarn bee. Not quite so much knitting is taking place due to several weeknight social events requiring some baking. Today's fun involved making these super chocolaty cupcakes with chocolicious frosting.

chocolate cupcakes.jpg

chocolate cupcake close-up

These are from a great recipe over at super eggplant. So easy to make, you're essentially enhancing a cake mix, so they taste somewhat reminiscent of childhood treats, but better. They are incredibly rich, I'm giving as many of these away as possible!

I also wanted to show off the little po's that I got in a barter with Tomoko. We traded for some of the paper I designed, and don't tell her but I think I got the better end of the deal!

new po's!

special po's hanging out

The green one on the left is actually a christmas gift from Tomoko, but I'm really glad that he now has some friends to hang out with. I love that she made little tiny super small versions of Syd the cockatiel that sit on top of their heads. But the one with the coffee, the doughnut and the night cap just kills me. Please go visit her etsy shop to see her endless variations on the po's.

And last but not least we've been enjoying our guest - ms. b the parakeet. She is a sweet and saucy little bird who is a lot of fun to have around. The other night we had an end of the season fire in the fireplace and she, who was quiet all day, squawked quite loudly to alert us of the danger! I bet she's never seen a fire before. It's good to have a watch bird looking over your shoulder.

ms. b on holiday

More baked goods and knitting to come... stay tuned


Blogger tomoko said...

My goodness... Ms. B looks like a hot mama here. She actually told me "it's the sunlight, fool."


Thanks again for taking her in.

11:58 AM  

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