Friday, February 23, 2007

yarn heart

elliott sweater heart

Not too much knitting to show this week since "working" has been taking a lot of my time. As you may deduce then my work does not involve knitting, nor have I schemed a way to make this happen. And that may be for the best really. The little bits of knitting I have done involve a lot of work with seemingly little to show for it. I had ripped out e's sweater due to the fact is was turning out toooooo large - even though I swatched. Plus the garter stitch hem was too large and ripply. Instead I did an invisible cast on of the new number of stitches (according to the new gauge I'm getting) knit 6 rows, purl one row for a fold line, knit 6 more rows and put the stitches from the cast on onto another circular needle. Now I'm going to fold the hem in half (on the purl folding line) and knit each pair of stitches from the top and bottom together to form the hem. I like the way the circulars are forming a heart. awwww!

bobble tart hat in progress

I'm also puttering away at the bobble tart baby hat from knitty. I'm not a big bobble fan as they take a while, and the cotton keeps sliding off of my needles, I'll have to add a 5th needle in the mix since I don't have small enough circulars in that size. But I think it's looking cute enough to eat.

Next week I'll be in St. Louis for work so I'm not sure how much blogging will get done - might be a little slim on the pictures. I'm hoping for a guest post as well - you could get lucky!


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