Saturday, February 24, 2007

new sock day

plain vanilla socks - finished

I've actually had these socks finished for a while, but I never wore them because I cast off the top with extra stitches so they wouldn't be so tight on my leg and apparently I did that way wrong, because the socks had wavy ripply tops that didn't stay up. Sigh. So today I ripped out the cast off row on the socks, researched a good way to make a stretchy cast off and fixed the socks. Hooray! Not too many specs here, I used some left over sockatta yarn from a pair of socks for my husband that I dyed more blue to look less guy-like. Your basic plain vanilla toe up 3 x 3 ribbing socks with a short row heel. good times. and beeter now that I'll actually wear them.



Blogger tomoko said...

i just pictured you posing to take that shot.



My sunday morning cannot get any better.

6:37 AM  

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