Friday, March 16, 2007

back to winter

It's snowing like crazy out here, and it's hard to see across the street. It's also hard to believe that earlier this week I went running wearing shorts (or mainly that I went running at all, but that is a topic for another post) because it was almost 70 degrees.

Remember that baby sweater from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Almanac? I was worried that I would run out of yarn but look how much I had left:


About 24 inches to spare!

february sweater - needs buttons

Here she is, just lacking the finishing touch of buttons. I've been playing with different options in my one-of-a-kind button collection (again a post for another time) and I really like the look of the plump pearly pink one shown on the sweater. I'm sort of going for the old fashiony vintage look with the soft pink and all. So now I just need to find a whole set, which shouldn't be too hard. This sweater is so soft to touch, I'm really happy with the way it came out. I'm tempted to try a variation with a different lace pattern - maybe a cable instead.

one down, one to go

I finished the first petticoat sock from Weekend Knitting, and quickly cast on for the second one before I lost my momentum. Can't figure out why I don't like making the second sock. I don't mind making the second mitten. Who knows? Now I'm hoping yet again that I have enough yarn. I got this yarn at Knitorious on my trip to St. Louis with this pattern in mind. Since the skein is 100 grams I figured it would be enough for a pair of socks. However when I got home and looked at the pattern in the book it calls for 3 skeins - which is clearly not right, since I just knit the first sock and I still have a bunch left over. I decided to knit the shorter size and see where I end up, which is the other motivation to knit the second sock right away. If I run out I can probably still get a skein of the same dye lot sent to me from St. Louis. Anyone out there knit these before? How much yarn did you use?

hojo mitered square and its neighbor

And last but not least, a howard johnson inspired mitered square and his neighbor. More knitting to come I'm sure especially if we get all of the snow predicted - 8 - 12 inches!
happy weekend!


Blogger tomoko said...

lovely cardigan...!
lovely background papers...!

hope you have a nice indoor day today, Cheryl!

5:50 AM  
Anonymous Valerie said...

Love the baby sweater! Lovely color choice.

5:12 PM  
Blogger Macoco said...

Wow - that's a close call with the yarn. I think I would have been sweating if it I was that close to running out of yarn.

The sweater is absolutely adorable.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous kelp! said...

I really, really like that Weekend Knitting sock, pretty! That sweater turned out pretty cute, too - those pearly buttons are definitely the way to go.

12:21 AM  

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