Friday, September 07, 2007

progress report

Happy Friday blogland peeps!
I thought I'd share my current progress on a growing pile of knitting . Hopefully this weekend I can finish at least one, probably two of these projects. I don't usually have this many piles of half knits that I'm willing to own up to, all lying around crying out for attention like baby birds. We'll start off with the most finished:

96% - mitered square blanket
mitered square border sneak peak

I've got three out of four borders done, the two short sides and one long one. That long 60" border is deceptively narrow looking, it eats yarn and time up like nobody's business. Also, knitting cheap worsted weight cotton yarn makes my hands ache, so I can only do two or three rows at a time. If this happens again (doubtful!) I'll make one out of wool.

47% - green monkey socks
green monkey progress

I'm almost done with the first sock here. Your basic monkey sock with an added picot edge for cuteness. Word on the street is that this colorway by the Kangaroo Dyer will be available at WEBS this fall. So many happy shades of pickle green together. This is my on-the-go project, because that blanket is huge and heavy!

38% - Oilily-inspired cardigan
I've been pouring over old Oilily catalogs in search for some sweater inspiration. I'm a big fan of their bold color and pattern combinations, like this, or this or this. Their clothes are waaaaay out of my price range, but I've been working on some ideas for creating a cardigan out of stash Cascade 220 with an Oilily-inspired color palette. Here is my latest sketchy sketch:

oilily sweater sketches

I didn't want to lose momentum on this one, so I cast on last week to get the more tedious parts out of the way. I'm doing a seamless yoke cardigan knit in the round with a center steek, knit from the bottom up. It's all rolly at the bottom because I did a provisional cast on so that I can pick up those bottom stitches later when I figure out what kind of hem I want to do. I could knit it back and forth since I'm making a cardigan, but I want to put some fun stranded color work in the yoke and I'm so much slower at purling that the steek makes the most sense for me. Here's where it stands so far:

oilily sweater progress

I'm off to Philadelphia next week for work, then a fun weekend, then more work. I will have some time to visit some local yarn shops, if anyone knows of anywhere I should go please let me know! I used to live in Center City ages ago, so visiting Philly always feels like going home. It's a sweet city and I miss it. I think I'll have my computer so limited blogging will probably happen.

Happy weekend!


Anonymous Cara said...

HuH! I'll be in Philly next week too! (But I've got lots of family obligations and I puke all the time. I'm not much fun these days. ;-) )

6:56 PM  
Anonymous lucy said...

The last 10% of finish a project is the most tedious for me. So, get my cheers finishing off the blanket!
See you next week and have a great weekend!

8:56 AM  
Blogger Macoco said...

The colors in that sweater are gorgeous! Hope you had a great time in Philly!

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Amoristicpillow said...

The conception and then the creation!!!! Awesome

1:27 PM  

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