Monday, May 28, 2007

making, but not so much the blogging

Happy Memorial day to you all. Hopefully you are enjoying the wonderful weekend. It's been incredible around here and I started off the weekend with a long bike ride with my neighbor. I have a road bike and over the years I go from summers of more serious biking to summers of not biking at all. I don't race, but I like to go fast - well fast for me. I've had clipless petals and bike shoes for a few years but never got around to putting the petals on the bike. My neighbor kindly offered to attach them and I have to say, they really make a difference. Of course this was counteracted by my fear of suddenly having to stop and not beaing able to detach from the bike, and riding at least half of the ride with only one clipped in.

Next stop: Massachusetts Sheep and Wool festival
Saturday was again a georgeous day and I had a good time motoring around the festival, petting sheep and yarn alike. There were a number of vendors with anything from alpacas to wheels to fleece to roving to yarn. I had brought a list to rein myself in and I actually stuck to it. I purchased a fabulous skein of skiny sock yarn from Spunky Eclectic for my sockapalooza 4 pal.

spunky eclectic skinny sock yarn

I also bought a niddy noddy to measure yarn with - sorry no photo yet. You can see one here. And third on my list - spinning wheel research. I finally tried a spinning wheel - a lovely Louet S10 - and I was pretty bad at it. But I could tell that once I sorted out the treadling and the hand motions, I would really like it. A lot. I also chatted many people up about their wheels which was fun. I'm not quite ready to buy one yet, but I'm moving closer to the black hole.

and Yes I've been knitting
A few things, but I'll show you the current progress on the mitered square blanket and save some material for later in the week. I spent a bunch of time seaming what I had together so it would seem (seam!) so bad later. Plus it makes it easier to sort out the rest of the color decisions.

yarn bits

blanket progress

I think I want a blanket that is 3 big squares by 5 big squares or 60 mitered squares. So I'm a little over halfway. I'm at marathon mile 12 or so - because I need to save some endurance for the borders. yikes!

and last and maybe least...

I did a bit of drop spindle spinning, as I was inspired by the fiber festival, but I'm not much of a drop spindle spinner. Too slow I gues or mabe I'm too much of a prk and draft perfectionist...

third yarn


Anonymous kelp! said...

Oh, total want on that Spunky Eclectic yarn. Yum.

Also, your drop-spindled yarn turned out pretty damn nice. I've never gotten anything that pretty off a drop spindle!

2:56 PM  
Anonymous lucy said...

What a coincidence that you picked up your long bike riding again this weekend! I just learnt to ride one just this morning (details on my blog)! It must be fun to ride fast and for long.
Those squares are awesome. I have seen a few of those mitered squares around and they caught my attention. I love the color combinations. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket sometime later!

5:05 PM  

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