Friday, June 22, 2007

giant rhubarb, normal sized sock

giant rhubarb

We were invited for a cookout at a friend's house last night and on the way out I was offered some rhubarb from their garden. Now since I've been more of a city girl I didn't know that rhubarb was actually disguised as a huge tropical plant, I've only ever seen the stalks at the store or the farmers market. It's so huge! I may have to attempt strawberry pie part deux - with rhubarb. Either that or fan myself with the leaves.

monkey sock no.1

I've also been working away at the socks for my sockapalooza 4 pal. Here's #1 and the second one is almost at the heel. The monkey pattern is pretty addictive so I think I'll have to knit another pair of monkeys for me. This weekend's plans include yarn dying for the mitered square blanket and hopefully skirt making. We'll see how that goes. I'll keep you posted. Happy weekend!


Anonymous kelp! said...

And your sock is rhubarb-colored! I absolutely love strawberry-rhubarb pie, I hope you give it a go with your monster rhubarb.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Haley said...

very impressive rhubarb and very impressive sock. love the colors of your sock yarn. very nice.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Emily said...

Hi Cheryl, hope you are having a good weekend. That's a beautiful sock ;-)I recently made a rhubarb apple crisp with ginger. This is my blog which I have finally updated after ages of neglect.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Macoco said...

The sock looks great. I love the picture of it against the rhubarb leaf!

9:19 AM  

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