Wednesday, February 04, 2009

25 random things

There's a meme working it's way through facebook that I thought I would cross post on my blog. Essentially you list 25 random things about yourself in an effort to entertain your peeps. I'd love to read your list, so if you're interested, consider yourself tagged! More knitting to come soon - I've got some good FO's for you all and a new pattern at Webs.

1. I love black licorice. The stronger the better. Not that namby pamby stuff that has no flavor but the stuff from Germany or Holland that is somewhat salty and sweet goodness.

2. I won't sleep in a bed with the top sheet tucked in, it makes my feet feel trapped. I rarely wear socks to bed unless I'm really really cold.

3. I always wanted to be a graphic designer, I just didn't know it was called that. I remember looking at my cereal box when I was little and thinking "I could make it look better than that!". My parents made me take tennis lessons which I hated, and the only way the teacher was able to make me practice was to give me one of his tennis balls that had a Merril Lynch logo on it. I thought that logo was beautiful.

4. When I was wee I had white blond hair, which gradually darkened and after college has turned into a medium shade of brown. I still think of myself as being blond and get confused when people refer to me as having brown hair.

5. I got my first car in college, a red Dodge Shadow, a boxy granny car that I lovingly called "the shadow". When I lived in Philadelphia, the shadow was broken into 4 times and one time there was a homeless woman taking a nap in the back seat.

6. My grandma was the most excellent person and I miss her a great deal (she passed away in 2002). When I was little she taught me how to play poker - we played for pennies and she wouldn't let me win. She would also entertain me when no one was looking by pulling off her wig and taking out her dentures - she was hilarious.

7. I love reading in bed and could easily spend all day in bed with snacks and a good book.

8. Eight is my favorite number, probably because I was born on the 8th. It's also symmetrical and a pretty shape. (see #3) When I was 8 I thought that would be the best year ever, but luckily I've had some other good years after that one.

9. I'm a big fan of parrots, I think that have great personalities and a good sense of humor. I have a connection with them that I don't really have for dogs or cats. I got Syd the cockatiel in 1994 and we've had a pretty good time ever since. My favorite time with him is in the late afternoons, when he will sit on my shoulder and sit contentedly with his beak touching my nose. He must think I have a really large beak...

10. The only time I ever shoplifted is when I was about 5 and I went shopping with the parents for my dad to get a suit for work. It took forever, so I got bored and was exploring the store. I found a label on one of the suits that was so beautiful I took it (see #3), and my mom found out and make me return it to the store - oh the embarrassment.

11. Most of my comfort foods are beige expect for chocolate pudding.

12. I have to admit that the original recording of the Girl from Ipanema might really be my favorite song.

13. I sometimes feel like English is not really my first language. I can have a hard time writing (things like this) and I feel like I am stringing beads on a thread. I'm not sure what my first language really is.

14. I adore salt and most things salted or salty flavored (see #1)

15. I have a really good intitutive sense of color and I love to pick out color combinations.

16. When I was little I would go to the hardware store with my dad and I loved the area with the paint chips. I couldn't believe they would give away free color! I always took a pile home and they lived in a shoebox.

17. I really like summer and warm weather best. Give me heat and humidity any day.

18. That seems strange considering how much I like to knit.

19. The summer after college I considered joining the circus as they had an ad in the paper. I wasn't qualified for too many other jobs.

20. Sometimes I flirt with the idea of taking up the accordion. I'm not sure I want to invest the time though.

21. Sushi used to scare me but now I love it. I spent a lot of my grad school stipend on sushi.

22. I am of 100% Polish descent, but I have more of an Italian stomach.

23. One of my favorite letters is lowercase "g" (see #3)

24. When it snowed a lot when I was little I would draw a giant compass in our backyard. I always assumed that North was at the back of the yard, but really our yard faced to the west. My mom was worried I would confuse low flying pilots.

25. One of my first words was "doya" Which I would chant over and over like a mantra while riding my rocking horse.


Anonymous elisabeth said...

i am totally with you on the paintchips. man, i must have had every paintchip in every brand of paint offered at my local hardware store at one point.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous maryse said...

i still love the paint chips. and i would go to lowe's right now to get some if i wasn't already in my gnome pajamas.

this was an awesome list. your grandmother sounds like she was quite the character.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Javajem said...

I love these - I posted my 25 things too :)

I agree with the paint chips too! I also had a collection - still do actually! When we were deciding on colors for our house - I literally took one of every color and made myself a paint chip fanbook. (I drilled a hole through the ends and put them on a binder ring.)
I walked through the house like a decorator - flipping open my pallette of color and laying it on the furniture! hehe

2:25 PM  

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